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    Compassionate, personalized legal services and advocacy for seniors and their families. 

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     Legal Services with a Difference

    When I launched my law practice three years ago, I had a desire to do things differently for clients and a passion for helping seniors and their families tackle the challenges of aging and disability.

    With over 10 years experience at top Chicago firms, I know the level of professionalism required of top attorneys. However, I also know that my clients don't just want an attorney who just sells them legal services, savvy clients want a professional who can guide them to the right resources, work with them to solve their problems and, if necessary, offer them reasonably-priced legal services that serve their legal needs. My model is different and holistic, focusing on the big picture. 

    I take my role as advocate for my clients seriously. During an initial consultation, I work with clients to determine their goals are and offer advice and resources, based on my years of experience as a caregiving daughter to ill parents. 

    Some of what makes my practice unique: 

    • Home, Hospital and Nursing Home Visits.
    • Reasonable Rates.
    • Flexible Hours. 



    At the Law Office of Kate Curler, we work hard to get our clients the best care in hospitals and nursing homes. Advocating for clients who become sick or injured is a big focus of our practice. When someone is in the hospital, a rehabilitation center, a nursing home or is dealing with an insurance company, they need a strong advocate. We believe our clients deserve a clear direction regarding the diagnosis of a loved-one, compassionate, safe medical care, effective rehabilitation and a discussion of all options to return home. Our goal is return all of our clients to independent lives outside of a facility. If a client has to enter a nursing home, we work with the family to insure the facility provides our clients with the best care possible. 


    Due to age or as the result of a disability or illness, some people can no longer make personal decisions regarding their health or finances. Sometimes, someone must step up and become the guardian of a disabled person. Becoming a guardian is often a difficult and emotional decision. We work with families to guide them through this complicated process in the easiest, most cost-effective and dignified way possible. 


    An illness followed by a sudden discharge from a hospital can be a stressful time for baby boomers, seniors and their families. Family caregivers often have only a short time to tour nursing homes, review placement contracts and make financial decisions. Too often, nursing home contracts include illegal or unfair provisions. We meet with families facing this decision, on short-notice and during flexible hours, to assist with the choice of nursing home, the review of paperwork, the setting of clear guidelines for our client's rehabilitation and, if possible reviewing available options to return home. If Medicaid is required, we help our clients with Medicaid Planning options to preserve assets for a healthy spouse and future generations.


    Estate planning is vital to having a trusted person handle your finances if you become disabled and to a smooth transition of assets after your death. 

    We draft Power of Attorney documents, Wills and Trusts that fit our clients' needs, individual plans and goals. These documents provide clients with peace of mind, save them money and allow caregivers to effectively advocate for them during their life and honor their wishes regarding your passing. Additionally, we meet with Agents under Power of Attorney for Healthcare and Power of Attorney for Property to talk to them about their rights and responsibilities as they assume the role of advocate for a loved one. 

    For parents of disabled children, careful planning, including Special Needs Trusts are often necessary so a child is eligible for all possible benefits programs and the parents can be assured their child will be financially-secure when they are no longer able to support them. 


    As Americans age, seniors, baby boomers and the disabled face a unique set of health and legal challenges. Oftentimes, clients need assistance navigating the confusing systems of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Veteran's benefits. As the Baby Boomers retire, these benefit programs will face even more stressors and the ability to access and understand Federal and State benefits will become more difficult. 

    With knowledge of benefit programs, independent living communities, assisted living communities, nursing homes and Long Term Care Insurance providers, we help families draft a plan which meets their goals to allow their loved ones to live independently and maximize their assets and available financial benefits to help them as they age.


    Probate is the process by which the court opens an estate of someone who has passed away and gives their executor the power to pay off their debts, preserve their assets and distribute them to the people chosen in their Will. If you are named the executor of an estate, we work with you to navigate the complicated process of probate in the simplest, most cost-effective way possible.  


    Having worked in top family law firms, Kate has a wealth of experience in divorce and parentage matters. Taking a common sense approach, we handle these matters in the most compassionate and cost-effective way possible. When talking to family law clients, we have frank discussions with them about how much their case will cost, goals in moving the case forward and resources are available to help them make the best decisions during this difficult process. Most of the family law cases we handle are amicable and are completed with the minimum amount of litigation and expense.